The Fronts

Possibly known as the ”first frontier” to many newcomers to development. This dark space can be scary and lonely. Don’t go it alone. Most often the best tool to traverse through this unknown space is a command line interface (CLI). On the Frontier, you'll want fli.

Our code editor is where we spend a lot of time and needs to speed up not slow us down. The Frontier IDE of choice is VS Code. Learn More.

Perhaps overlooked but central to web development and web apps, the browser might be place where most of our time is spent. This would also include enhancements to features like browser devtools. To aid us in that journey, we use FBX, the Frontier Browser Extension, which is also an example of Frontier app.

Working in the OS can sometimes be overshadowed by the experience in the terminal or the IDE, however, there is definitely room for efficiency here, but currently this front is not thoroughly explored. Learn More.

The actual applications we work on are unique fronts in themselves. Sometimes opening a codebase feels like unknown ruins of some ancient city, only to realize that we built this place…last week. The path that Frontier provides is consistent architecture on any type of project. This site here is actually a Frontier app. Frontier follows a monorepo philosophy.

Just like individual projects need a space, we also need a space to see all our projects at a glance and manage them quickly. This is where Frontier Basecamp comes in, which just so happens to be a Frontier app. Learn More.

When our code is live, and out in the wild, we need a way to monitor and maintain it. Sometimes it’s just static files and there is not much to worry about. Sometimes there is an array of services that need to communicate back home. This is managed in Frontier via several tools depending on the use case. fli, Basecamp would be helpful here.

Applications with data are especially important and the better we can manage / monitor / secure that data is important and worthy to a front in it’s own right.

At some point, even though we could build everything we need, it’s best not to. It’s better to integrate with existing systems that already have our needs covered. We use n8n to integrate with existing tools.

Coding is a combination of several fronts listed above. I am not sure if it needs its own space, but will list it for now.